LINKS TO SOME OF JEREMY'S FAVORITE WEB SITES! - The official website of pop music cult Hussalonia! Check out some classic tunes and hear some great music! Long-time viewers will know Hussalonia for the beloved theme song of The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour! - The Internet Archive is one of Jeremy's favorite places to listen to free music, watch free movies, and read free books online! Some of it is even in the public domain, so you can do just about anything you want with it! (This does not constitute legal advice. - Lance) - On this fun site you can find tons of free and free-to-use sound effects, both in the public domain and available with Creative Commons licenses! -Hosted by Kevin Macleod, of fame, on this web site you can find more than a basketful of free, public domain music you can download, use, and listen to! - On this wonderful site you can download and read a whole bunch of free eBooks, all in the United States public domain! Technically, Michigan is in the U.S. so if you're in Michigan, this means YOU! - You can checj out the news and get an email address at! - The incredible site of musiciane extraordinaire Rrrrrose, who makes free music, most of which is public domain! Wow! - This cool site has information about how YOU can create YOUR own WEB SITE! - Jeremy Kellerman's web site!