Jeremy Kellerman is well known in Michigan for his work in self-improvement media and advice counseling. Raised in Grand Rapids, Jeremy Kellerman graduated from the Wanetshaw Community College in Dearborn, Michigan in 1983 with a B.A. in Communications. From there, Jeremy decided to reinforce his educational and academic pursuits with the goal of helping others by achieving a Certification of Advising in 1986 from the DreamChangers Personal Empowerment School, the educational arm of the DreamChangers Personal Empowerment Institute[defunct] of Melville, Indiana. After a string of life-experience-gathering jobs and volunteer pursuits in and around Ann Arbor for the following two years, Jeremy found his greatest calling when he began work on various local television productions, and within a year was offered the opportunity to host his very own series.

From 1988 to 1996, Jeremy Kellerman hosted the popular advice program, The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour, on Ann Arbor's own local access television station Channel 23, WXVH. This beloved program, which aired variously in 5 and 20 minute segments, became a staple of the local self-empowerment scene in Michigan in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Jeremy's wit and wisdom brought laughter, joy, and life lessons to viewers, delivered in his trademark down-to-earth style. Jeremy tackled all topics, from lighthearted subjects such as basic style/fashion tips (predating the popularity of such new day trends as What Not To Wear) to serious personal problems including relationship and sexual issues, even counseling victims of trauma.

Jeremy Kellerman's popularity soared during the run of The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour, and this led to a radio show version of the series, which was broadcast and well-received throughout the state. Jeremy toured Michigan, Indiana and Ohio multiple times during the show's run, including his Burnie Award-winning live broadcasts on his The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour Live! Tour, speaking at churches, hospices, select college campuses, and county fairs, bringing his jovial, yet no-nonsense, commonsense advice to people everywhere. In 1994, Jeremy published his first book, Boom! Pow! Ha! How to Roll with Life's Punches and Stand Up Laughing! This was followed in 1995 by his second book, Understanding Frustration: A Step-By-Step Guide to Happiness. His third book, George's Mountains, his first and to date only work of fiction, followed later that year. A moving novella about a developmentally-disabled janitor's quest to earn a high school diploma, George's Mountains won many local awards.

Jeremy Kellerman retired from active duty as an advice specialist in 1996, citing personal reasons, following the death of his beloved wife, Victoria Kellerman. In 2002, Kellerman again became active in local television and radio, and he appeared on several programs hosted by those former coworkers he had influenced, including long-time friend and collaborator David Munson, on his combination chat/advice show Let's Chat! with David Munson. During this time Jeremy shared his reason for retirement: his struggle coping with the death of his wife, creative partner, and occasional co-host, Victoria Kellerman. Inspired by his experiences following her death, in 2004 Jeremy released his fourth book, Facing the Phantoms: Dealing with Grief and Regret and Finding Love after Losing a Loved One. This book, co-written with wife Debbie Kellerman, details the author's personal struggles with grief and the incredible story of how he learned to love again.

The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour Archive is designed to provide free access to the many years of Jeremy's television and radio appearances so new generations and those the world over can enjoy the brilliant advice and life-changing stories of one of Michigan's finest creative personalities and inspirational figures, Jeremy Kellerman.

It is my wish that this archive will be as great a help to new viewers as The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour was to those viewers when my program first aired.

Think well, live well, and be well!

Jeremy Kellerman

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